Escaping to the bluebells

Winkworth Abortetum is a National trust treasure in Surrey, it’s so local to us and yet we rarely visit. We headed over there last week on a bluebell hunt and had a spectacular day, not only did we find hundreds of bluebells but we had an amazing explore round the whole place.

Last week was full of adventures and this particular day was the sunniest of them all. I was also dealing with an extremely hyper two year old that day so I decided not to take the buggy with me (brave move) so that Rosie could enjoy running amongst the flowers. I was lucky that she was in a good mood and it was the perfect place to take her (she LOVES a good adventure).

It was the first time I had been this time of year and I was amazed with the explosion of colour everywhere we looked. I was told to take the first left when arriving to get to the bluebells and within minutes we found ourselves in a sea of purple. It was like walking in a fairytale world. Rosie loved wondering around the never ending rows of bluebells and I loved watching her running up and down the paths giggling.

We played amongst the bluebells for nearly an hour, there’s a few stepping logs by the bluebells which Rosie loves, they kept her entertained for a long time so I took the opportunity to sit down and enjoy the view. We were the only ones around and, I feel so old saying this, it was bliss, so beautiful and so peaceful. I could have sat there all day.

Rosie loved the bluebells so much she ran into them, I tried my best to get her out but I didn’t want to run in and step on the bluebells myself and then I noticed the bluebells she had run through led to a patch of grass in the middle of the flowers, so she didn’t do much harm to the bluebells. I left her to play amongst the bluebells where she danced around and sang in her own little tune, just lovely to watch.

Rosie fell over at one point, she stayed sat down on the ground and played with a bluebell, which gave me the perfect photo opportunity. Just look at her!

We ventured down a massive hill with tiny little steps, good thing I didn’t take the pram, and found ourselves on the main path that leads to the lake and boat house . We wandered over picking up little treasures on the way (sticks, leaves and the odd pine cone) and then my little diva found the perfect throne for her tired little legs.

I can’t tell you how long Rosie was sat here or how long it took me to get her off. I ended up standing in the middle of the path flicking through Instagram whilst her majesty sat there for what felt like an hour.

After a slight tantrum when I took her off the seat we got back to the main route around the lake where Rosie then fancied another sit down, so we found a good little spot to watch the ducks and listen to the birds tweeting, Rosie even chatted back for a little while.

On our way out we walked up the Azalea steps and the ray of colours was just incredible, it was the perfect route to take on the way up and Rosie was an absolute trooper and climbed up the steps all by herself.

I just love these photos of Rosie wondering around in a glorious spring wonderland so as soon as the sun comes back out we will definitely be heading back.

Thanks for reading! x


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