The perfect toddler room – GLTC favourites and the greatest monster bedding.

I want to share Rosie’s room here because it is just beautiful and without a doubt my favourite room in the house. For weeks I was searching online for wallpaper, furniture and accessories, I wanted her room to be perfect for a toddler and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turned out.

So here it is…

One of my favourite parts of the room is the Great Little Trading Company wallpaper used as a feature wall. I’m a big fan of grey and neutral colours myself and I think you can accessorise the colour really well, so with Rosie’s room the walls are painted white with a pink tint to it and it works really well. I love the colour scheme of her room and it fits nicely with the furniture, it makes the room look bigger and not that cluttered. There is a lot of furniture in there as well as her play kitchen, toddlers just need so much!

Here are a few photos…

The play kitchen was originally downstairs when I got it for Rosie last Christmas, we moved it up to Rosie’s room for more space downstairs and because we had this little space at the the of the bed and it just looked a bit odd.

The kitchen is from Great Little Trading Company and is probably one of my favourite parts of the room and definitely Rosie’s! Her imaginary play is brilliant and she could play with her kitchen for what feels like hours, cooking up strange concoctions

This jewellery box, also Great Little Trading Company, I bought for Rosie’s first Christmas and not only is it absolutely beautiful, it ties in with the room perfectly.

Another feature in this room that I love is Rosie’s little wooden house from Grimm’s, not only is it a splash of colour in the room but it is a beautiful toy that Rosie plays with so well. She’s really getting into building, stacking and imaginary play and this little home also encourages thoughtful, creative play which is perfect for her learning development. It stays in the same spot when she isn’t playing with it for a bit of decoration. Along with Rosie’s lollipop bowls and amazing 12 piece rainbow tunnel, endless amount of fun and absolutely beautiful when they aren’t being played with (another bonus).

There’s a bit of a running theme when it comes to Rosie’s room and my favourite parts of it as well. Since discovering Great Little Trading Company last year I have been a little bit obsessed and now that Rosie’s room is done I can only say that everyone should love GLTC. All of the GLTC bits have finished of the room like these bookends to store the endless piles of books we have.

Reading is a big part of Rosie’s bedtime routine or anytime of the day really, whether its me reading her a story or her flicking through a book on her own. So we have a lot of books and it was important to me that her room had a good amount of storage. I didn’t feel like we had enough wall space for shelves so these bookends make that perfect alternative on her bedside table. They extend so I can fit so many books on there or theres the option of having a few without the books falling down, so it really tidies up the what feels like a million books.



Another GLTC favourite is this double stacking storage unit which has been a godsend for her endless supply of toys. I moved a bunch of toys up from the play room downstairs to Rosie’s room and not only is it great for storage but because of the open front it means Rosie can access her toys all the time and tidy them up easily. It’s really encourages her independent play and also fits so many toys and teddy bears which is an absolute bonus!


As I’m writing this I realised I have a lot of favourites in this room, its definitely to hard to pick one but I would say that the one thing I love showing off is Rosie’s bedding. When Zara Home opened up in Guildford my Mum went in there and spotted it and since then me and Mum have obsessed over it for ages. It’s so fun and so different to any other children’s bedding I’ve seen, it really puts a smile on my face.


The bedding is accessorised with matching cushions and a couple of monster soft toys. I just feel like it adds character to the room and definitely reflects on Rosie’s personality. She is a little monster after all.

I could go on and on talking about Rosie’s room but I’ll leave it like this for now. There are a few other little bits I want to sort out in her room so keep any eye out for a room update.

Thanks for reading! x


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