Mummy fitness and business

Every Mum knows what its like when you’ve just had a baby and theres this little bundle of joy in your arms and you’re tired but just oh so madly in love with this gurgling, screaming, eating, cooing and pooping machine you have made. Two years has flown by since then but my weight definitely hasn’t!

For so long now I have wanted to lose weight and tone up. The problem I have is, its so boring or I’ll do really well, have a cheat day and then never get back on the diet wagon. The other problem is I hate the word ‘Diet’, it’s plastered everywhere like a must have and sometimes I feel like sticking my middle finger up at the word whilst eating a slice of chocolate cake. Mum or not we all know there is so much pressure to look good (men included). We see the super slim celebs and want to look like them. So I’m chucking the word ‘Diet’ in the f***ing bin along with the pressure to look great all the time and the tiny models I see all over ads.

Introducing ‘a change of lifestyle’, which in my mind is basically, eating healthy, exercise but still enjoying a big glass of prosecco (or a bottle) and a massive Thai take away and a roast dinner (plus wine) at the weekend.

In my head I’ve started to tell myself that I have to be realistic. I’m a Mum, a student, and I like food. Plus, I’ve tried ‘crash diets’ and fad diets in the past and its either expensive or again I find it boring so I then binge on a packet of Maryland cookies.

Time is a really big factor and for a Mum of a toddler… well there often isn’t enough time to make poached eggs with avocado and vegetable hash.

So this is a blog post to basically slag of dieting and share my start of making a few changes to my lifestyle and along with that a new business opportunity that I have started. I have recently joined Isagenix, new to the UK but not a new company and I’m really excited to kick off my own Isagenix business. Not only will it help and coincide with the changes I am making in my life but I will also be earning money, what a fab bonus! And there’s a chance for you too, a chance whether you’re a stay at home Mum or working Mum. You can join Isagenix and make some extra pounds from home.


Watch this space to find out more, learn about the business and to also learn about my Isagenix journey with my diary about Isagenix, exercising, healthy eating and those all important cheat days will be here weekly.

Thanks for reading! xx


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