Our trip to the Lavender fields

Last year when I was becoming a real Instagram addict I saw so many photos of fellow Mums visiting Mayfield Lavender Fields. I missed the chance last Summer, so I’ve been looking forward to going for a while. After a week of car problems and working some extra hours we finally made it over there!

Since Rosie started walking we have always loved going to beautiful gardens together or our local National Trust spots. It was so exciting going somewhere new and a definite winner seeing Rosie enjoy it.

As soon as you drive in a sea of purple catches you and almost takes your breathe away. It goes on left, right and straight ahead as if its never going to stop. We got out the car and I didn’t know where to start. Luckily Rosie being keen as anything she just ran and led the way on our adventure through the lavender.

Here are some photos…



We got there around 9:30 in the Morning and it wasn’t that busy which was nice and great for a photo opportunity! There were plenty of toddlers running around and other parents trying to get the perfect photo too, aren’t we all guilty of that? At one point I sounded like a broken record saying “sit down Rosie” or “Smile”.



The smell was absolutely incredible and I think lavender has now become my new favourite and we will definitely be going back, hopefully next time on a sunny day!


It’s very rare to have a photo of Rosie and myself on our usual days out but a fellow Mama on her own offered to take some photos of us so these photos are new favourites of mine.


You will also find a shop where you can buy a fresh bunch of lavender which I would highly recommend! As soon as I got home I put mine in my room and it now smells beautiful. The fresh bunches, along with other products (soaps, food, decorations, etc), come with a card of what you can do with your lavender like cook it, dry it or use it for decoration.

At the cafe you can enjoy more lush lavender produce like a lavender scone with jam and cream…it is YUM!






Thanks for reading! xx


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