Healthy snacking – a new favourite

Healthy and nutritious meals have always been important to me and even more so since Rosie started having food at 6 months. I’ve always enjoyed food and I was known as a kid for liking everything, all different flavours and spices. I’ve always wanted Rosie to be like this, firstly because a fussy eater is not easy when it comes to dinner time, but for her to have a balanced diet and explore different tastes.

My love for food has caused me to slip into bad habits and then struggle with my weight. I would never describe myself as obese but I am not at my ideal weight. I’ve always said that if I want to achieve my goals I need to tackle the snacking. I’m definitely guilty of eating a really healthy lunch or dinner and then make myself a cup of tea and eat a dozen chocolate covered digestives. (Because there’s nothing better then dunking a biscuit in a cuppa!)

So in my efforts to replace the bad snacks with healthier snacks I have turned to Deliciously Ella. I have always been a fan of her blog and her ‘food philosophy’ after she was ill and made a few changes in her lifestyle. The biggest change was taking out processed foods and sticking to ‘clean’ and ‘natural’ foods.

As I suffer with a number of food allergies (nut allergies mostly and some fruit) I find it difficult to find some healthier snacks, most people go for nuts and fruit. Whats great about Deliciously Ella is the variety of ingredients she uses in all of her recipes, so I have found a number of sweet treats, snacks and dinners to make for Rosie and I.

This week I made Deliciously Ella chewy sultana cookies: 

270g of oats

4 ripe bananas (about 500g)

3 tablespoons of honey

150g of sultanas

4 red apples (about 550g)

2 teaspoons of cinnamon

I couldn’t have picked a better recipe! They didn’t take long to make at all and I was really surprised when I had finished, it felt like I had been in the kitchen for five minutes. It makes it a lot easier when you have a quick and easy recipe to follow and also knowing you won’t have much washing up to do! The list of ingredients is really small and so healthy! I was amazed when I read it, you almost feel like you aren’t making cookies as there’s not sugar or butter. So because of that I was a little bit worried when I was making them. Being completely honest I thought they would be a bit bland or dry.


They are so bloody good! Not only are they perfectly chewy and soft on the inside but they have the perfect balance of flavour coming from the cinnamon and fruit.

The apples add the perfect sweetness and also brings a lovely bit of colour to your cookies that you don’t get with a chocolate cookie. That has to be a bonus, right? If not you can just imagine the sultanas are chocolate chips!


Here’s the real critic…





These cookies are a winner with Rosie and since making them they have been the perfect on the go snack for Rosie.

Have you tried any ‘clean eating’, healthier snacks for yourself or little one? Give me a message and lets swap ideas!

Thanks for reading! xx





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