Welcome to Rosie Posie’s World, young mama & Rosie 

I’m Olivia a 21 year old mum to 2 year old Rosie. I’m blogging about my experience on being a young mama.

In September 2014 I started my first year at Portsmouth University studying International Development Studies. In March 2015 I fell ill with suspected appendicitis and a home doctor said to stay rested and drink lots of fluids and if the pain increased then I should go to hospital. That is exactly what happened the next day, but it wasn’t my appendix about to burst…I was in labour!

For that year whilst living in Portsmouth I was having the time of my life; I loved my course, I made some amazing friends and I was part of the netball society which I loved! So you can imagine the shock I went through when I’m suddenly sat in hospital and being told I’m in labour.

The next nine days I was in hospital in room that I describe as a bubble or a cage. All I wanted to do was go home and sit in my bed, the whole experience felt like a nightmare and even writing this brings a part of it back. I suppose it’s a strange thing to say, comparing having a baby to a nightmare. Child birth is often a happy day were you welcome your beautiful daughter/son into the world, a day to celebrate! But, for me it was just traumatic.


Being a mum has been challenging, especially when you don’t have the 9 months to prepare, read books and buy everything you need. Who knew a baby would need so much and take up so much space?

The first couple of months were difficult, I was still finding myself waking up and having to face the reality that my life has changed so much. But now I wake up and think how lucky I am and how much I love being a Mum. There are still new challenges everyday but thats what its like being a new Mum so I am blogging to share with you all my story, my challenges, my thoughts, feelings, what it’s like being a new/young mum and student with a baby and so much more!


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