Activities/Arts & crafts

The next Jackson Pollock? 

Painting and colouring is a weekly activity for Rosie and I, and a very messy one! Rosie loves to make a mess and we’re still at the stage where she tries to eat crayons and lick the paint.

When we first started painting, Rosie would sit in the highchair with newspaper on the table and floor. I would set up a number of paints in pots and a piece of paper for her and she would dip her fingers in the paint. For a good 30 minutes she would concentrate on making a marvellous master piece! Now that she’s older theres so much more she can do, but it does require a few more bits and bobs.

Investing in a mess mat and an apron was a necessity

I was originally buying paints from Sainsburys but it was a nightmare to wipe off Rosie and the smell was so strong. So I bought some water based paints from Great Little Trading Company and I would recommend them to any mummy! As they’re water based paints they are so easy to wipe off Rosie and the paints have lasted for ever! They come in big bottles and you don’t have to put as much paint in the pots. I bought the paints as a quick buy from GLTC website and got four non spill paint pots and four paint brushes, altogether with the paint it cost £27. Bargain!

GLTC Carry Caddy is a perfect & fun little buy for storage, especially paints and other bits & bobs!