Kent-Made – the perfect personalised gifts

I’ve always loved the idea of supporting small businesses, especially when I heard about Holly Tucker (Founder of Not On the High Street and Holly & Co) and a brilliant campaign to ‘Shop Small’ to support independent shops, businesses, designers, etc. That’s why I was really thrilled when I received and email from Kent-Made about…… Continue reading Kent-Made – the perfect personalised gifts


Healthy snacking – a new favourite

Healthy and nutritious meals have always been important to me and even more so since Rosie started having food at 6 months. I’ve always enjoyed food and I was known as a kid for liking everything, all different flavours and spices. I’ve always wanted Rosie to be like this, firstly because a fussy eater is…… Continue reading Healthy snacking – a new favourite


Our trip to the Lavender fields

Last year when I was becoming a real Instagram addict I saw so many photos of fellow Mums visiting Mayfield Lavender Fields. I missed the chance last Summer, so I’ve been looking forward to going for a while. After a week of car problems and working some extra hours we finally made it over there!…… Continue reading Our trip to the Lavender fields


Mummy fitness and business

Every Mum knows what its like when you’ve just had a baby and theres this little bundle of joy in your arms and you’re tired but just oh so madly in love with this gurgling, screaming, eating, cooing and pooping machine you have made. Two years has flown by since then but my weight definitely…… Continue reading Mummy fitness and business